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Sadler going after sixth term as County Judge

Nicoleshelby, we have had some conversations in the past but I respect your opinion and think that you don't vary from your beliefs. You are a strong person and I fully believe you can take care of yourself. Keep up the posting, it makes it interesting. As far as that Fishman dude, he hates everything, reminds me of that George Strait song. I bet he gives himself a cursing in the mirror when he wakes up in the morning just so he can be negative for the rest of the day. Thats my story and im sticking to it.

onedayatatime, Are you a drinking buddy with the judge? My fishman post applies to you as well and others that need to slam women to feel good about themselves. It is interesting you are open to male perspectives, "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" but limited intellectually, so only the male, or male chauvinistic perspective sticks with you. You can't handle strong outspoken women and men like you are otherwise short in both male thinking areas when a woman stands her ground. Less posts for me to skim over now. You don't exist. Not that I read your posts anyway. Good ol' boy doesn't reflect one particular meaning, but you are so limited you know! I don't trust Perry, Sadler, Obama, Edwards and many good ol boy Republicans "Anabolika Definition" and I don't like any extremism including liberals. I would say I'm pretty fair, or try to be. for a gas station/convenience store on loop 336 east in conroe. It is a sure bet that Kapadia only came to First Bank of Conroe because of his partner's "clout" as Testosterone Propionate 100mg a Director.

cya1282cya1282 wrote on Oct 26, 2009 9:23 AM:" For a man that is seeking re election, he needs to learn people skills. LeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy Jackson Brown

pprwrtr wrote on Oct 26, 2009 9:43 AM:" This re run for judge shows how arrogant and not affected or embarrassed by his drunk driving charge while 'serving' us as County Judge. He can't be too humble or embarrassed about it if he expects the people to vote him in again. No remorse at all. I'd be so ashamed! He just expects that he should have gotten away with it because of who he is. And he can be pretty rude, according to what several people I know have said. "Funny, how three months ago, you were telling everyone that Ted Kennedy was an admirable man. Guess manslaughter, and being a coward is trumped by your political convictions.

For a man that is seeking re election, he needs to learn people skills. I have ran into him many times and waived as he is a neighbor and not even a look from this man. His wife seems to respectful but not him. I also find it intersting that the new resevior/lake is now being pushed since he has moved out into the Dobbin/Montgomery area. I guess he wants lake front property now how predictable. He may be all smiles for the camera but a very rude person. He does not have my vote. Just goes to show you never know whom you offend and how that will affect your life!

May the best candidate win!mkv001 wrote on Oct 25, 200: Commissioner Doyle???? Young, smart, very good with people and would make a GREAT JUDGE!!!! Sorry, my personal experience was poor with Commissioner Doyle. Craig Doyle gives good lip service, but smacks of poor ability to follow through and serves the public with flat out lies layered with a few good deeds here and there, to suit his purpose mostly in the area where he lives. And when he disagrees with a citizen who opposes him, look out! Back stabbing, and good ol' table manners. I thought highly of this man, until I dealt with him first hand. Never again. After that, an officer working in his office threaten me, which I turned it in to internal affairs. He said I was talked about by him. Nothing was done of course by anyone, internal affairs or county commissioners office. Doyle has lied to me for years. And I feel will lie to the citizens of this county just to get your vote. After voted in, you are STUCK with him to do as he feels. All while taking your money and patting himself on the back for a job well done. While citizens concerns and complaints are mounting. (Not my quote, but from a former official) I trust his nice face and he is such a great speaker, please. Lets base votes on HISTORY of deeds done. Good and bad. I don't want to hear his name again. Sounds like more lies to me. Same ol' same ole'.

onedayatatime I started to ask you a question of how you can say someone is more immature than the Sadler/drunk incident, but then I remember you are, by your own admission, a 'good ole boy!' Those boys cannot make unbiased or intelligent comments on this subject only very immature ones. I don't have to envious of a judge being in office for 20 years to have the opinion I have. Why would I be envious, or is that just your way of putting down a person who thinks our county has had enough of Judge Sadler?!? You are showing your Turinabol Only Cycle 'good ole boy' traits/personality. Not cute!

All you people who support him must have your name on his list if you ever have to go before him especially if its for DWI. That way you can get off too. I heard they never booked him into jail so where did the 3 days come from? How can a person have time served when they didn't even spend 2 hours at the jail house? You can't have time served when you're not booked in? I usually vote straight republican but you can bet his name won't be on my ballet this election. After watching the video of the night "Anadrol 50" he was taken to jail and watching him in the back of the police car I don't know how he can show his face much less have people stand before him and him pass whatever sentence he is handing down. Shame on him and shame on the ones of you who think he's so great.

Since I have worked for the county for a loong time, I can tell you that just because they say that the county has grown past the good old boy system, that don't make it so. The good old boy system is alive and kicking in Montgomery County, and the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the old county blood in the politics. And drivermom is wrong. It is not time for Sadler to to step down, that should have happened two terms ago. All he is interested in is incresing his and the other elected officials salaries. I just wish he and the commissioners would have paid as much attention to my and the other county employee's salarys. But I guess when you are giving yourselves 15% to 20% pay raises each year, it is hard to justify giving more than 2% to 3% to some of the "Oxandrolone Powder India" employees evey few years. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed serving the people of Montgomery County, but it is time to elect leadership that cares more for the people around them than they do for themselves.

After being in a job, especially County Judge, for 20 years, it's time to go because you can acquire too much power and it is not good for the citizens. I am amazed that these 'pillars of the community' can be horrible examples and just not be affected by it. If I worked somewhere and got arrested, I'd probably be let go, but there are other rules for important people/good ole boys! They just keep going. Sadler has made enough money in his long career Tren 75 Stack as judge. Sometimes, people in power do all kinds of things they wouldn't want told. In 20 "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" years, I am sure there probably are some connected with his 'position.' Let someone else have a chance now. And I can tell that some of these commenters ARE 'good ole boys' that doesn't have to be stated. That system is still going strong all over the county. It isn't dead. That's why Sadler is running for judge again. Just the opposite and you know it!

mkv001 wroteAfter serving for 20 years in the same roll, I think it is time for change. Anyone? I have a pretty good memory. It must be nice to lie and cheat and not go to prison, but get rewarded for it. This is what has destroyed America. Perfect example. Money fixes problems? Perhaps. It also leads many to idol worship. I don't know much about Doyle, but I'm thinking he is one of them. No thanks. This county has grown alot in the last 20 years and I hate to say it but I think that we need a younger person with fresh ideas to step in and take this county to the next level. The right thing for him to do would be to step out and give one of the other younger commissioners a chance to run and make a bigger difference in this county. Anyone can gripe and tongue wag, but its not productive, and it hasn't done anything good for anyone, and has stirred hate and apathy. Don't you worry judge, there are plenty of us out here that know the true integrity of your life's work that you have dedicated to all of us. And another thing unless you have personally sat down and discussed "positive" things with Judge Sadler or truly want to work for the good of all sides don't come to the table. And no, I don't work for the Courier or anyone but, God and myself. Go ahead and make the negative comments the rest of us will be working to better Montgomery County, and the world around us.

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