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You can still be a citizen

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BY Allan Wernick

Elderly permanent resident can naturalize even if she cannot read and write Conditions are if she has been here for 15 years or her inability to read or write stems from disability NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Friday, January 11, 2013, 4:00 AM


AP Columnist Allan Wernick answers your immgration questions.

Q Can a permanent resident who is over 65 naturalize if she is unable to read and write?

The law provides three exemptions from the English language requirement for naturalization. The exemptions are for applicants at least age 50 who have been permanent residents for at least twenty years, those at least age 55 with at least 15 years permanent residence and for those who have a mental or physical disability that prevents them from learning English. If the applicant is exempt under any of these rules, she qualifies even if she is illiterate. She can naturalize even if she cannot read or write another language. history and government, they are exempt from answering civic knowledge questions as well. Otherwise, they must answer the Civic Knowledge questions in their own language. history and government.

If the applicant is claiming an exemption based on a disability, "Anadrol 50" she needs to file USCIS form N 648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions with your from N 400. A medical doctor or licensed clinical psychologist must sign the certification. An identifiable mental or physical disease must cause the disability. If the doctor says something like, "he's too old to learn English," the USCIS will deny the waiver request. citizenship. Even a person in a coma can naturalize. Until 2000, a naturalization applicant needed to at least acknowledge that he or she understood and accepted the oath of allegiance to the United States. Congress changed the law so that permanent residents who were cut off from public assistance by the Illegal Immigration Anavar For Weight Loss Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, could naturalize.

Q My stepdaughter has an entry stamp in her passport, but no I 94 Arrival/Departure document. Does she have enough proof that she entered legally to qualify her to interview here for permanent residence. citizen planning to petition for my wife and stepdaughter. My daughter is Canadian, her mother is not. When they came to the United States from Canada, the mother entered on a visitor's visa, the daughter entered under the Visa Waiver Program.

A Your daughter should have no problem interviewing for permanent residence in the "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" United States, the process called Adjustment of Status. citizen. citizen age 21 or older. An immediate relative can adjust "Anaboliset Aineet" status if he or she was inspected at entry. The law does not require any particular type of proof. In the past Canadians typically had no proof other than their own affidavit to show "Anaboliset Aineet" lawful entry and often their affidavit was enough proof. Your Equipoise 10 Week Cycle daughters stamp is clear evidence.

Q Can I adopt my 16 year old niece and bring her here from Jamaica? She is a brilliant student and I would like her to continue Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes her studies here.

A Unfortunately, for an adopted child to benefit from our immigration laws, the child must have been adopted before age 16. However, your niece may qualify for an F 1 visa to attend high school here. Many schools admit international students. In New York State, only private schools admit foreign students for student visa purposes. If a school accepts your niece, she can apply for "buy cheap jintropin online" an F 1 international student visa to come here to study. college.

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